Jack Hopman, who has specialized in Offline Marketing for more than 6 years, and has, in recent months, been sharing his insights with other marketers, has just come out with another product.

You may remember that, in July, Hopman created Maps Hero to show you how make corrections in a business’s online presence in search engines.

Now, Hopman has released Video Prospector Jack to help you attract clients for your marketing services.

This new product has 3 prospecting videos to get clients for you. Pick the one you think will work best (or rotate them in a split test). These videos feature professional announcers (2 are on-screen, the third is a voice-over with presentation charts.)

In addition, as an option, you can get Hopman’s Local Theme Jack WordPress theme to create your website (where you can host your video) to attract clients.

Hopman calls this a “One Click Install” website, and it comes with Integrated appointment setting to remove any barriers to a client who is considering contacting you.

Besides this, in Video Prospector Jack, Hopman includes his professionally written ‘done for you’ email script for you to use to contact local business owners. Edit it any way you like, but put it to work for you.

And there’s complete training and more, as well. Don’t be hesitant; he offers a 30 day Money Back Guarantee to eliminate your risk.

He says the current pricing is only for the current launch period, so get you copy now: Video Prospector Jack.

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