Clickbank is the largest seller of electronic informational products, products that can be downloaded, in most cases. It has thousands upon thousands of products, covering nearly any niche imaginable.

Any online marketer can apply to be an affiliate of Clickbank, so that you can advertise its products and earn a commission when you sell one. And the commissions are very nice; often 50%, and occasionally even more.

For all these reasons, any online affiliate marketer should consider selling Clickbank products, regardless of your niche.

The main problem a Clcickbank affiliate has is fining the best products to promote, the ones that will earn good commissions. Few things in the marketing business are more disappointing than investing a lot of time preparing a campaign and reaping only a few sales.

George Kase has “been there, done that.” He wanted to find a solution (and an automated solution, at that) for not wasting his marketing efforts on products that wouldn’t bring a good return on his effort.

Kase went to work analyzing the data Clickbank provides affiliates on their products. There’s a lot of information available, but Clickbank doesn’t make it easy to gather that information and analyze it.

So Kase created CB Powerplug, a WordPress plugin that can pour through mountains of data from Clickbank and find the “gold nugget” products.

Enter your keywords and this Clickbank search engine goes through the entire Clickbank marketplace, looking for the best products that match your keywords.

Sort the results as you choose, then compare the financial results for each product until you find the best ones in your niche (or sub-niche) to promote, the ones with the best profit potential.

When you find the ones you want to promote, CB Powerplug takes the process one step further. Using the information on Clickbank for the product, it will write a post for you about the product.

That post becomes your sales page because the plugin includes your Clickbank affiliate id in the post when it links to the product in its call to action.

This means that you can find and promote products in minutes, not hours. Even if you want to use the generated post as a starting point for a custom post you craft by adding additional text and graphics, you will save time every post you write.

Kase makes this an easy decision. All you have to ask is “What kind of blogger am I?”
• If you have just one site, he has a low-cost solution for you.
• If you have a number of personal blogs, he has a solution for you, too, offering unlimited personal blogs.
• If you build websites for clients or for selling on Flippa, he has a solution that lets you use the plugin both on your own sites and on sites you sell.

He is launching CB Powerplug today. And he is running a sale during this launch period. After the launch, expect to pay $80-$150 more.

You can get started in just moments when you get your plugin here: CB Powerplug.

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