Omar and& Melinda Martin have been using a system they call Content Nitrous to enhance their websites so they can earn more money through improving the experience for the website visitors.

This isn’t something new, something they have only experimented with. They have been doing this quietly for years. This week, they are sharing their private strategy with you in their new training, Content Nitrous.

They have worked on this strategy for years, testing it on membership sites, on download pages, on squeeze funnels, and more.

As a result of all their testing and experimentation, they developed a strategy that really works.

Here’s how Martin describes the result of his strategy:
“This clever tool and tactic has quickly turned our little part time internet business into a powerful seven figure company right from the spare bedroom of our humble Florida home. Smart marketers are standing up and paying attention.”

However, as good as this strategy was, it had a limitation; it took time, effort and a bit of expertise to implement it.

So, to make it easy, they hired a team of programmers and put them to work, automating it.

After months of programming and testing the code, the result, being released this week, is a “copy and paste” shortcode for WordPress that automates a lot of your income activity.

Now, you can copy the code in Content Nitrous, customize it for your own site, use it to build your income.

Content Nitrous includes everything you need to customize and deploy your own profitable shortcode.

It’s simple to install and use, so you can be up and running quickly.

Here’s what’s included in your package:
:: The Content Nitrous eBook
:: The MP3 Audio Course
:: The MP4 Video Training (4 videos)
:: The StepBox Nitrous WP Plugin

This training system and software, together, will supply you what you need to build more profitds into your business.

You can get all the facts, see the plugin in action, do your due diligence, and get your own copy here

By the way, it’s important for you to know that Omar & Melinda will be doubling the price of Content Nitrous at midnight on Sunday.

To make your investment in Content Nitrous pay off for you the best way possible, IM NewsWatch has arranged a group of 6 free bonuses for our readers who buy, bonuses that will improve your results. See our bonuses here: Content Nitrous.

So don’t delay, expecting that you will check it out later. Go here now: Content Nitrous.

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