Local businesses need help with electronic marketing. They don’t have the time or skills to do what is needed online.

But their growth and long-term survival depend on it.

Take email as an example. Most don’t collect the email addresses of their clients. Even the most savvy probably don’t know how to maximize email effectiveness.

If you become their trusted electronic marketing advisor, it could mean a long-term relationship, and it could result in good profits for you.

Jeremy Burns and his partner, Ken Walker have just released a toolkit for marketing consultants to help you attract, and close deals with, these local businesses.

Their Business Growth Content gives you 21 niche-specific training courses in email marketing. And 21 niche-specific mini-sites to use in selling and delivering these courses.

Your sites come with live actors presenting your training and doing it uniquely for the particular niche. Some of the niches included:
• Wedding Planners
• Real Estate
• Hair Stylists
• Landsacaping
• Chiropractors
• Dentists

And that’s just the beginning. There are 21 local niches included, each with its own site and training course.

This is all done for you. You just need to add your Paypal information and your personal information, and you are ready to train people in email marketing

The hair stylist web site, for example, talks about the problems a stylist has in building a relationship with their clients, and offers them a solution: learn to use email with our training course. The whole site is customized for the styling salon owner. If they used email wisely, they could fill up empty time slots with an offer for a special “only available today.”

This website visually connects with the stylist and communicates that you understand their needs. When a stylist buys, they can come back to the site to take a thorough email course, on their own schedule.

This is a 6-hour training program, broken into small chunks for easy consumption, and it is customized for them.

Here’s a way to sell into the local market without needing to invest time to deliver your services. The training is delivered passively.

But you are also building your mailing list, so you can follow up with offers to do email marketing (and other online marketing) for them.

The extra step of niche customization can make these sites especially effective in bringing in clients who will later buy more.

Burns and Walker have made it simple to build a local marketing consultancy. Get your own copy here: Business Growth Content.

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