Angie Pascale says, “All digital marketers should keep the following four social media terms in their vocabulary.

Social media, like every other marketing initiative (and some would even argue more so), is full of buzzwords. I’ll admit I use them every day, but when I hear others stringing them together in pretentious and increasingly nonsensical sentences, I become embarrassed, not only for the speaker, but for myself as well.

But regardless of how annoying these terms are, the reality is that some are necessary for our industry. Buzzwords can succinctly and accurately explain a concept, process or outcome, which otherwise might require several sentences or minutes to describe. That’s why they came into usage in the first place, and why they became so prevalent. While I don’t advocate using buzzwords in lieu of actual substance, I do feel that social media professionals and all digital marketers should keep the following four terms in their vocabulary“.

4 Social Media Buzzwords You Should Not Stop Using

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