Derrick Van Dyke has been a successful online marketer for many years. He has encapsulated what he has learned in a form that even beginners can digest and put to work.

In Digital Profits Academy, he shows you how to:
• Create products people actually want and need,
• Set up an automated sales funnel, and
• Get affiliates to send you free traffic

Van Dyke summarizes his training like this: you will discover how to set up your own, unique online business that can start generating a good income within six weeks.

His training covers all the steps in operating a real online business, from product creation to bringing in sales.

To make sure you can discover all the nuggets of marketing wisdom in Digital Profits Academy, Van Dyke is giving you the content in 3 formats:
1. Online video that you can play on your laptop
2. MP3 files that you can listen to on your iPod
3. PDF checklists to keep you on track.

His current clients testify that Van Dyke offers good service to his clients, so if you need this information, Van Dyke may be the one to provide it to you.

Get all the details here: Digital Profits Academy.

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