If a local business isn’t properly represented in Google Maps and other places around the web or if their website isn’t properly designed, it will hurt their business. Their search engine rank won’t be as high as it could be.

You can fix their Problem in an hour or less and instantly become their Maps Hero.

Jack Hopman, who has specialized in Offline Marketing for more than 6 years, found that this problem is wide spread and once business owners recognize the problem, they want it fixed right away and are willing to pay good money to get it fixed.

So Hopman created Maps Hero so show you how you can get a part of this business.

With Maps Hero, you will find missing names, addresses and phone number in online listing. The damage these issues can do to a business is obvious to any business owner.

He reports that making these corrections has elevates your expertise in the eyes of the local business, and when they want some other online work done, they will think of you. Or why wait for them to think of it; make suggestions as their new-found online expert.

If you are seeking an easier, more effective way to get appointments with local business owners, then you may find that Maps Hero work gets you an appointment quiker than any other servicve.

You are getting complete training, plus sales aids and a phone script and a sample letter you can use to contact business owners.

Ths can get you on the inside track to serve local businesses that are in bad shape online.

Get the whole story here: Maps Hero.

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