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Friday, May 24, 2024

‘4 Social Media Buzzwords You Should Not Stop Using’ – ClickZ Blog

Angie Pascale says, “All digital marketers should keep the following four social media terms in their vocabulary. Social media, like every other marketing initiative (and some would even argue more so), is full of buzzwords. I’ll admit I use them every day, but when I hear others stringing them together in pretentious and increasingly nonsensical sentences, I become embarrassed, not only for the speaker, but for myself as well. But regardless of how annoying these terms are, the reality is that some are necessary for our industry. Buzzwords can succinctly and accurately explain a concept,... [...]

‘The Argument For Investing In True Fan Engagement’ – TechCrunch

Harrison Shih says, “Following the launches of brand-centric services on sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+, social media was the place for businesses to acquire new users and engage their fans. This seemed like an efficient way to get exposure: Businesses could essentially “rent” a spot on Facebook, much like a small shoe brand could rent a store in the mall to take advantage of the infrastructure and heavy foot traffic. As brand pages grew on social sites, they tracked volume metrics such as the number of “likes” or followers, as well as interactions such as sharing... [...]

‘How Marketing Can Contribute to Revenue Generation’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Glenn Gow says, “Do you look at Marketing as a cost center or as a revenue center? If you said “cost center,” you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Don’t feel bad, though; for a long time, Marketing has been seen as just that—a necessary but costly part of doing business. Revenue? How could Marketing actually contribute to that? But things are changing, and fast. Buyers are much more self-educated than they were 10 years ago (or even 10 months ago). They’ve studied up, they’re Internet savvy, and they’re turning to social media and communities,... [...]

Publish to unlimited WordPress Sites (one-time special) #ad

As we reported, PublishVault opened for new users yesterday. No matter what type of blog site you publish to, this application will benefit your site or sites (they are offering unlimited support for WordPress sites). With PublishVault, you can publish content to all of your WordPress sites from one dashboard. You don’t need to login and out of multiple sites just to make a simple change to a blog post. With PublishVault, you are getting an all-in-one platform to publish content, meta information and schedule content drip campaigns. On top of that, you have access to professional content... [...]

‘Email Summit 2015 Replay: Tips for tech support selection and contract negotiation’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

Kayla Cobb says, “In the world of marketing, there’s always a push to stay ahead of the curve and, more importantly, ahead of competitors. However, it’s hard to dedicate the time, money, manpower and technical know-how to launching truly eye-catching (and revenue-generating) campaigns. This is especially true for smaller companies with marketing teams consisting of only one or two employees. Enter the potential best friend to most campaigns: the vendor. At the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015 Media Center, Erin Hogg, Reporter, MarketingSherpa, sat down with John A. Caldwell, President... [...]

‘Case Study: The Trick that Tripled Blogger Emma Johnson’s Email Sign Ups’ – Aweber Blog

Kristen Dunleavy says, “Emma Johnson’s blog, Wealthy Single Mommy, is more than practical dating and finance advice for single moms. It’s a support community for women everywhere. “Nobody was speaking to me or my peers,” Emma said. “We have our own stories, challenges. I started a blog and I didn’t know what I was doing. It was a personal project. I thought I’d talk about money, but it went way beyond money.” Today, Emma has a loyal fanbase (an email list of 6,000 and 50K monthly website visitors) and makes regular appearances on CNN, NBC’s Today Show, and NPR, just to name... [...]

‘Google Makes Beta Testing Android Apps Easier And More Open’ – ‘ReadWrite’

David Nield says, “Google knows a friction-free app testing and submission process can help developers keep decent apps flowing, so it just rolled out a series of improvements to the beta testing process for Google Play apps. Overall, the changes are designed to help developers manage pre-release beta tests easily, so they can “iterate faster” to develop or improve features. Consider it part of Google’s recent developer outreach, which also gives app makers more finetuned ways to promote their apps once the testing is over“. Google Makes Beta Testing Android Apps Easier... [...]

‘What to Do When Your Prospect Takes a Strange Turn in the Buyer’s Journey’ – HubSpot

Ryan Nicholson says, “There is another dimension beyond which is known to most marketers. It is a dimension that is vast and chaotic and as timeless as the sales process itself. It is the middle ground between the introduction and the close, between engagement and disengagement, it lies between the deepest of our marketing fears and the heights of our marketing knowledge. This is the 4th dimension of the sales funnel. It is an area which we’ll call… The Sales Continuum. We all have a concept of the sales funnel. It fits nicely into a very linear framework of time. The human mind loves... [...]

‘The Missing Link Between Shopper Marketing And E-Commerce’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Benjamin Spiegel says, “As much as we all love terms like “breaking down silos” and “omni-channel,” we all know there is a big divide between the online and offline worlds. The reality is that we still have a long way to go in integrating our digital with our offline activities; this is especially true for the shopping realm. Digital shopping is widely believed to be the future of commerce. If it were up to companies like Amazon, Instacart and Facebook, we would be purchasing all our goodsvia digital channels. One exciting aspect of e-commerce is the massive amount of data it generates.... [...]

‘Why data integration is vital for marketers trying to achieve a single customer view’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Mark Patron says, “Digital marketers have moved from a campaign driven to a more customer centric approach. The resulting customer dialogue has led to a greater need for a single customer view. However legacy systems have created data silos resulting in the need for more data integration. This has repercussions for how marketers should think about their technology. Thankfully the industry is aware of the need for change, as our latest research found that 97% of digital marketers in large US retailers think integration of customer experience technology is ‘important’ or ‘essential’... [...]

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