Gaming is big business. Millions of game are downloaded by millions of people. Some marketing companies are profiting (big time) from all those downloads.

There’s a lot of programming required to create a game, especially one with attractive visual effects. But today only, you have a chance to enter the game marketing business without all the hassles involved in producing your own game software.

DIME Consultants has, for a long time, been creating apps for marketers to sell as their own. Now they are working on a suite of games to add to their CreateCoolApps system. Over time, they plan to offer well over 50 new games.

At the moment, they have a collection of Done For You Games almost completed. They are offering you an assortment of packages of these games (2 games, 7 games, or 15 games) plus training in setting up your gaming business.

You can take the games “as is” (if you have programming skills available) or you can request customization by the developers, to make your game unique. For those who choose a version with customization, they will:
• Customize the splash screen
• Customize the icons/tabs
• Add in any in-app payments you want
• Add in any ads so you can make sales while people play the game
• Change simple graphics so it’s more applicable to you
• They will even help you name it if you like.

And if you choose to get customized games, they will add in 1-2 additional games (depending on your product level) to your package, games that won’t be available to their non-custom buyers.

What kind of games are they offering?

A large variety: puzzles, role playing games, arcade games, strategy games, and more. In the future, they plan to include multi-player games, too. Today’s buyers will have first crack at the new games as they come along.

In case you were wondering, you get to choose the games in your package.

Find out all the facts and get your package of games here: Game Apps Webinar + Done For You Games .

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