You can build a business building websites for local merchants. With Jack Hopman‘s new Website Hero, you can build professional sites in a few minutes. He has done the hard work already.

He has created attractive websites for All you need to do is to select the niche, fill in the client’s contact information and push the button on our Proprietary Instant Niche Website System … and a few seconds later you will have a fully functional, complete niche website.

He includes attractive websites in 5 local niches that you can customize with your customer’s name and contact information in minutes and have the site online lickety-split:
• Plumber
• Painter
• Roofer
• Remodeller
• Landscaper

Regardless of the niche, the site you build will be robust, with premium features your clients will love.

For example, visitor tracking is fully integrated. Just paste their analytics code (from Google, for example) and you will get useful information about who visits the website, where they came from, how long they stay and more.

And, you don’t just get the websites. You also get a marketing kit to help you easily sell these sites:
#1: Custom 21 Point Website Checklist Video Website Analysis
#2: Simple question technique that opens up 21 revenue streams
#3: Hopman’s proven power pitch to convert more prospects to buyers
#4: Hopman’s magic close, to clinch the deal
#5: Proven sales presentations
#6: 21 Ways to Rock Your Website.

This is truly a business in a box. A marketing package plus marketing training for you plus the 5 websites (that come will sample content so you can show them to prospects live)

There are two versions of this tool, one just as described and a second one [the Expert Version] that also contains a website for you to use to advertise your site building service.

If you have wanted to enter local marketing, now it your chance. Get yours here: Website Hero.

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