Marketers are beginning to see value in having apps that run on the Apple Watch. This trend is at the very beginning stages, but over time, you will more marketers see the value in attracting the affluent customers who own an Apple Watch.

Of course, the small screen size is technically challenging. Squeeze as you might, there’s not a lot of space to work with. It is big enough to show area weather information or to show stock market averages or quotes for individual stocks. But you can’t show much more than that at one time. To some degree this limitation can be overcome through scrolling or paging.

One of the surprising early adopters of the watch as a marketing platform is Wal-mart. It has released an app that lets you create a shopping list and then check off items as you walk through the store to shop for what’s on your list.

Apparently, Wal-mart believes that there will be Apple Watch users among its mid-market consumers. If that’s true for Wal-mart, it validates the platform for many other marketers, too.

To read more about the Wal-mart app and the embrace of the Apple Watch by marketers, check out this story on the Total Retail website:

Wal-Mart Tests Apple Watch App.

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