Having a membership site, where people pay to be members, can bring you ongoing income and can smooth out the normal ups and downs of a marketer’s life.

Creating a site like that can seem to be a daunting job, more than you want to undertake. But now you can bypass all the hard work (not all the work, just all the hard work) of setting up a site like this.

Edmund Loh has just released Massive Traffic Blueprint, a ready-to-upload site that he will install on your server so you can start selling.

Your site is a video training site on building Website Traffic.

In 5 days or less, your site will be set up and ready to go. You avoid all the problems of:

■ Creating an attractive site

■ Linking your site to your autoresponder

■ Creating content and providing it to your users.

Loh has created a year’s worth of content and placed it inside your site to drip-feed to your customers.

You get a 13-video training series for your site, recorded by a professional American announcer hired to make this training course as clearly presented as possible.

By providing your members one video a month (including starter video), you have one full year’s worth of content ready to be dispensed every time a new member joins your site!

Besides the videos, you can provide your members Transcripts, Presentation Slides and Checklists for each video. This adds a lot of value to your offer.

That’s your training content. There’s more. What is Loh doing to help you sell your membership service?

You are getting a complete sales page for your website and a sales video. Both are professionally done, so you will be pleased with the quality.

Once a member signs up, they are sent to the internal members-only portion of your site. There they will find the content they need to build their traffic.

And to keep building your relationship with your members, Loh is also including 12 emails for your autoresponder (Aweber or GetResponse), to let members know when new content is available. To automate the process, he sets up these member follow-up emails on your autoresponder for you.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Loh has done all the technical work to get your site running as quickly as possible. That’s the kind of “done for you” service we have come to expect.

Can you get on the membership site path to success with Loh’s help? Get the whole story here: Massive Traffic Blueprint.

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