Just announced by Chris Record, Smart Member software allows you to build a membership site for any niche in just a matter of minutes.

Easily add your content to the site. Training videos can be added automatically, for example.

But, Chris is going beyond a launch of Smart Member. He is also launching Bridge Pages and bundling it together with Smart Member.

Bridge Pages is his proprietary software platform that allows you to create dynamic bridge marketing pages instantly to rapidly increase conversions and ROI.

Instead of creating 1 page and trying to target the everybody and his brother with the same content, with Bridge Pages you can create unlimited versions of that page based on the visitor’s interest, allowing you to laser-target any niche you can think of.

You can see how that the targeting done by Bridge Pages can make any page in your site more powerful. Don’t bore the member or visitor. Show them exactly the content they re interested in.

There is one more component of this giant launch. Chris is holding a major conference in Las Vegas. The Create Capture Convert Conference (3C) is a 3-day event to be held on July 24th, 25th, & 26th just off the strip in Las Vegas, with hundreds of entrepreneurs flying in from around the world.

Chris will be the main keynote speaker, but he has invited many guest speakers, all of them major successes through their online marketing efforts. Anyone who invests in the software bundle also gets 2 tickets to the conference.

After this launch, Record plans to make both software packages subscription-based, with a monthly fee. But during this one-week launch, you can get all 3 components for a one-time fee.

Record explains the whole package in detail. Get these details and get your own copy here: Smart Member.

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