One of the familiar product developers in the video space is Matt Bush. He ha created many marketing tools, especially for local marketers. His latest is Instant Video Machine.

Bush has created the perfect marketing tool for local consultants who want to sell marketing video production services to local merchants.

This new tool is ready-made marketing website (complete with 25 professional demo videos done by professional actors) that you will use to advertise you video services to potential clients.

Installing your pre-built website is as easy as installing a WordPress plugin. You can do it in about 10 minutes.

Instant Video Machine comes with complete training on how to get your stunning videos in front of business owners. Bush has found that local merchants are willing to pay $1,000 or more per video.

When a local merchant likes a demo video and wants to buy it from you, all you have to do it go to Fiverr, and get the original video creator to build the version customized to your client. You are getting top dollar from your client, but paying bottom dollar on Fiverr. Your profit margin is huge. (And Bush gives you the list of the Fiverr sellers for all the videos.)

Each video can Be customized for your client. For example, each actor offers different video backgrounds, can wear alternative clothing, and more.

In addition to these 25 videos, Bush is including 11 videos specifically tailored for local niches, such as home improvement, dentists, etc.

And that’s just the beginning of the video tools Bush is including in this package. Go here to see them all: Instant Video Machine,

Unfortunately, his introductory sale ends today. He is offering them at less than half-price. Tomorrow, the price more than doubles.

If you sell to local merchants (or want to), videos are a low-cost, high profit margin service for you. And Bush makes it easy to deliver.

Don’t wait; get the whole story, then get your own copy here: Instant Video Machine.

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