We reported earlier this week that Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have just released $100K Factory.

This is training that reveals the exact formula that has allowed a group of internet marketing beginners to build $100,000/year businesses in under 60 days.

The key to the $100K Factory process are the 4 money sites they show you how to build. They report that each site makes $25K profits in the first 12 months.

They are showing you each step of the process, starting with market research. Then they show you how to use their State-of-the-Art software along with their content repository so you can quickly launch your optimized, viral and high quality websites.

After you build your site, you need a lot of targeted traffic to make it work for you so they show you how to attract large amounts of traffic quickly.

Your traffic can be very cheap or even free so it doesn’t drain your bank account. Because you are getting so much traffic and because it is so well targeted and so low-costs, profits are easy to achieve.

This isn’t the cheapest training around, but even so, a lot of marketers are turning to these three experts to help build their business the right way.

Find out why here: $100K Factory.

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