As reported yesterday, Matt Houghton and Todd Gross released Virtual Studio Simulator, software and training that put green screen videos within the reach of any marketer.

No longer do you have to be rich and famous to afford green screen effects in your videos. No longer do you need a lot of expensive gear, a professional studio and plenty of time and patience. this training shows you how to create these videos with a little patience, a camera (even a cell phone camera) and some free or reasonably-priced software.

Houghton’s training shows you how to make professional, attention-grabbing videos using nothing more than a simple smartphone or video camera.

Using a muslin green screen, you can take a basic video and place yourself in any scene you choose (e.g., a business office or TV studio), and keep people’s attention better as a result.

Following Houghton’s instruction, you can create a video that leads people to opt in to your list, buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter, or whatever you need.

They have a launch sale underway since yesterday. They are only keeping this launch pricing valid for a few days, so get Virtual Studio Simulator while you can. Don’t wait until the price has doubled.

The good news is that if you’re technically challenged, Houghton understands. He has prepared the videos in the training with you in mind. He gives you all the details you need to take actin on this.

They also realize that not everybody needs all the “bells and whistles”, especially if you are just starting out, so they have prepared three levels of this package. All have Houghton’s training, but the top package has more green screen backgrounds.

During the launch sale there’s only about $10 difference between the bottom bundle (“the silver bundle”) and the top bundle (“the platinum bundle”), and the top bundle gives you 11 more backgrounds than the bottom bundle.

All bundles have audio tracks, too, and again, the top bundle beats the bottom bundle by 22 audio tracks.

Surely, one of the bundles will meet your needs. Get all the details and make your decision here: Virtual Studio Simulator.

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