Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have just released a new version of their popular software, Domains on Fire. As a “getting acquainted” gift, they are offering you a free copy.
This is in the run-up for a new product they are announcing, called $100K Factory. They have created 4 training videos about their new product. In video 2, they are offering you the free copy of Domains on Fire. But once they announce, they are removing the free offer.

When you buy a domain name, you want to be sure to ask this question, “Has this domain name black-listed?” If so, don’t waste your money; domains that Google has black-listed have a hard time ever being ranked well again.

Besides the ranking issues, with a domain that has been black-listed:
• Links to black-listed domain names are marked as spam.
• Emails sent from black-listed domains are not trusted.
• It’s impossible to use some forms of monetization.
• These domain names can be a red flag to anti-virus software.

You can use Domains on Fire to discover available domain names.It will also check whether a domain name has been black-listed.

This is a tool which has been around for 4-5 years now,and up until now it has cost $47/month for its users. Today only, you’ll get lifetime access free of charge.

Domains on Fire is a powerful domain research tool. Besides warning you of black-listed domains, it also allows you to identify premium aged domain names in any niche (so you can get an immediate boost in rankings, trust, and much more).

There’s no cost or obligation. Of course, they hope that when you see the quality of their content, you will be in their upcoming $100K Factory, but that is not at all required. The software you are getting for free doesn’t require any additional product from them. It works its magic on its own.

Get this free software today, while you can, here: Domains on Fire.

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