It used to be that only the marketer with deep pockets could make high quality green screen videos. It required expensive:
• Equipment
• Studio
• Software

But, fortunately, as technology improved the required hardware and software are going down in cost. In today’s climate, there are no tech barriers; all it requires is an enterprising marketer to see the market for less expensive versions of the ingredients of high-quality green screen videos.

Matt Houghton (with the help of video star Todd Gross) has created a training course that shows you how to make professional, attractive videos. Now you can hold people’s attention with your videos, and you can even make them with nothing more than your smartphone.

Not only is he offering a course. He will also announce backgrounds to use in your green screen videos.

This is green screen for the little guy, marketers with little money and with little technical expertise.

Tomorrow, he announces. Today, he is offering free samples of this new product, Virtual Studio Simulator:
• 3 lessons from the training course
• A free video background
• An audio track to use in your video
• A $5 off coupon for tomorrow’s launch

Gross and Houghton are working hard to make this the best video production package ever for the small marketing business. You will want to come back tomorrow to get the whole story.

But today, get your free gifts here: Virtual Studio Simulator Pre-launch.

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