Mario and his business partner, Cameron, say they have developed a process that is so exact and predictable that they can create a website for a local niche, rank it on page 1 and sell it for thousands of dollars every time, a 100% success rate.

And Mario says he does it and gets paid, all in under a week. He wants to show you how he does it and lead you through the steps to copy his success in his new training, Local Lead Gen Machine.

All local businesses need a website, and the smart ones know it. After Mario and Cameron build a site in just a few hours, they are able to rank it above other sites in the target market area. Then they make it available business owners.

There’s no selling required. A business owner takes the initiative and buys it. They have never failed to sell one of these lead gen sites they built “on spec.”

In this training, they share everything you need to know:
• How to build the site,
• How to rank it,
• How to market it and
• How to get ongoing sales from your clients.

They have already sold over 1000 copies. Most will do nothing with it. You can be the one who takes action on this process here: Local Lead Gen Machine.

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