Last Summer, Donald VanFossen released software (a WordPress plug-in) that shook up the SEO process. It improves your standing on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). He called it: SERP Shaker.

It lets you avoid the tedious, long hours building a single site, hoping it will start ranking sometime down the road. Build multiple sites in the time it used to take to build one.

You can build sites in multiple niches. When you find a niche that is generating the results you want, you home in on that niche and build multiple sites in the niche, related niches and sub-niches that complement each other. When you find a winner, you want to get the best income you can from it.

You keep building sites in that niche using SERP Shaker, while you test using other niches to see where you should focus your attention next.

You keep getting traffic by building sites, using these sites to:
• Get Leads
• Get Affiliate sales
• Get CPA conversions
• Get Adsense Clicks
• in short, to use for any business purpose.

VanFossen built two enhancements to the original product. First, SERP Shaker Pro, which allows you to:
1) Use the software to build Client Sites
2) Flip Sites That You have built with the software

And, second, SERP Shaker Advanced Training.

Prerecorded training, where VanFossen and his partner:
1) Build, and deploy a site
2) Give tips and tricks for using the software
3) Share some of their super secrets away
4) Answer questions from the audience of buyers.

And with the Advanced Training, you will be added to the SERP Shaker Facebook group reserved for people who invested in this advanced training.

But for one day, today only, VanFossen has authorized IM NewsWatch to sell all three parts in his SERP Shaker Bundle, for $101 off the usual price; that’s about a 24% discount.

He originally made this bundle for one of his affiliates (named Holly), but at the last moment, he is letting our readers take advantage of it.

You can still get the individual pieces, but with this discount, you are essentially getting the Advanced Training for no additional charge when you buy the other two pieces.

Watch the basic SERP Shaker video for background, then go here to see what the bundle is offering you: SERP Shaker Bundle.

Buy the basic package, or for a little more, buy the bundle.

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