If you’re using software to help you with your Facebook targeting – or if you’re thinking about it – you need to read this right now:

Targeting your ads is key to a profitable Facebook campaign. You can select who should see your ads. If you know the keywords people are using when they search for your niche and product category, and only target the people who use those keywords, you won’t waste clicks. That leads to lower costs and higher profits.

Targeting Inspector was the first software ever created to find targeted Facebook users based on your niche keywords. Now, it has been upgraded to target even better, in light f the recent Facebook changes.

The original version was a big hit even at prices as high as $97.

There have been imitators, of course, since that first version. Now, though, Targeting Inspector Version 2 has arrived, and it leaves the imitators in the dust.

The guys at Targeting Inspector have added powerful new features, but they are doing something else that is also a surprise: Despite the advanced features they have added, they are pricing Version 2 less than their competitors.

The big limitation with most targeting software (including the original Targeting Inspector) is that you can only search for one term at a time.

But with Targeting Inspector v2.0 that has all changed. It lets you search for as many keywords as you like.

Getting the information for more keywords, more quickly, you can run more ads, and because you are targeting them precisely, you can make a lot more profit.

You also get a lot of new information in Targeting Inspector v2.0:
• Trends
• Associated interests
• Deep demographic data (more than any other software.)

It is launching today, with a special launch price. But unfortunately, the launch price will be rising soon. So don’t delay, go here today for your copy: Targeting Inspector v2.0.

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