We told you about Social Video Magic last week. Since announced, last week, hundreds of marketers have invested in it during this introductory period. What makes it so attractive?
It uses the Facebook Video Player. This is the only Facebook video marketing software that uses the Facebook video player. This allows your videos to play automatically in your friends/fans newsfeeds; they don’t have to install any software.
It lets you add A Facebook “Call to Action” to all Videos. Right in the video, itself, place a call to action button at the end so you can drive traffic to any website you choose.
Magic Video Studio to Create Professional Videos in an Instant. Choose from a variety of ready-to-go video backgrounds. You can easily add text and even your voice to them.
Post Videos to multiple Facebook Groups & Pages. Post once; it goes everywhere.
Create Videos From a Group of Photos
With this new software, full stats and tracking data are available

You don’t have to use Facebook in your marketing, but if you do, check out this powerful new software here: Social Video Magic.

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