Tessa Wegert says, “Relevance. In digital marketing, it’s what brands covet and what publishers strive to provide. Relevance is the driving force behind behavioral marketing, contextual advertising, native — and virtually everything in between.

A recent study from Cisco on shopping behavior found that the majority of consumers welcome — and even expect — hyper-relevant content and special offers from retailers. A similar survey from Accenture found 49% of consumers “would not object to having their buying behavior tracked” if it would allow brands to deliver more relevant offers.

That mindset is making its way to display advertising as well. In both search and social media, ad relevance is tantamount to campaign success. Just as Google prioritizes keyword relevance, Facebook recently began assigning relevance scores to its ads. The new metric anticipates the volume of positive and negative consumer feedback, along with interactions, that an ad will receive”.

3 digital marketing strategies for making ads more relevant

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