Google believes mobile users are being shortchanged by webmasters. Many websites treat mobile as an afterthought and do little to assure that mobile visitors can use the site easily.

On April 21, Google will change its search algorithm to reward sites that are “mobile friendly”.

If you don’t comply, your site ranking will decline. The sites that are mobile friendly will tend to rise toward the top.

Google has a webpage where you can test your site: :

When we tested IM NewsWatch, it scored high, although there are a few changes we are making to raise our score higher.

If your site (or a client site) scores poorly, you may want to “jack up” its score. After all, people who have a good experience tend to stay longer and buy more.

If you have clients whose websites don’t comply, this is an opportunity to make some good sales quickly, once merchants realize how important this change is. Google has described it as the biggest update to their rankings ever. But most business people have no idea this change is coming.
To help you sell your mobile improvement services, Jack Hopman and Tami Patzer have created Mobile Wizard Pro, a marketing kit to give you everything you need to show how important this is and convince business people they need you to update their site for them.

Just look at what’s included in this marketing kit:
• High Quality Mobile Marketing Agency WordPress Theme to use in building your web presence
• Live Q and A Webinar Training
• A “Done For You” Sales Presentation you can use individually or in Webinars
• A customizable “Is Your Business Website Mobile Friendly?” Report with support materials directly from Google
• High Converting Professional Written Emails
• Hot Email Subject Lines
• A Proven “Snail Mail” Strategy, with a hyper-effective sales letter
• News articles, screen shots, other information to support your case and build credibility.

All this can be yours at a sale price until Sunday night. Check it out here: Mobile Wizard Pro.

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