When we consider the fact that 55% of video traffic will be mobile in 2015, we realize that any website using video (and most are) needs to be sure that its videos are easily accessed on mobile devices.

But a second question arises once you accept the need for mobile video: What is the easiest way to monetize this traffic?

The best way to use mobile video for earning income is through mobile apps that support video. You can use apps to interact with the users as they are engaging with the content you make available in the app.

The Fox brothers, Andrew Fox and Chris Fox, have created new software (they call it Zapable

This new software builds custom-built mobile apps loaded with all of your video content, and it’s fast. It can do this in just minutes.

These are richly-featured apps (you choose which features), such as:
* Push button notifications. Send a notification to all your app users the minute you add new
video content.
For example, if you want to create a “Funny Video of the Day” app, just enter your keyword, hit Search and select from millions of funny videos from YouTube. Choose one and add it instantly.

* Let your users select from “Search, Playlist and Channel” options, to find videos you previously released.

* Build unlimited categories for your videos. Customize your icons for your categories and video descriptions.

* Add AD MOB (think of it Like Google Adsense for mobile) right inside the app.

* Update your video content and playlist whenever you like. The app is updated on each user’s automatically and immediately.

The Fox brothers have made a video to show you how easy this is and why Zapable is the future of video.

In the video, you will see cool monetization strategies that can possibly make profits for you in the first 24 hours of using this app builder software.

But we need to warn you that there’s good news and bad news about Zapable.

First, the bad news. Make sure you lock-in the price now because the price will be increasing from $39 a month or $297 a year to $97 a month or $997 a year.

But the good news is, if you order before Thursday 9th April at 11.59PM EDT you get grandfathered in at the lower rates. So don’t wait. Get your copy before the price rises, here: Zapable.

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