The SEOPressor team (Daniel Tan and his assistants) did a case study and discovered that they were ranking for the term “LSI Keywords”. When they first ran the RankReveal report for their site, they were surprised that this keyword showed up among the top 100 keywords their site ranked for.

With this new insight, they decided to build a keyword course on the topic of “LSI Keywords”. They built some internal links in their site and then published a press release for the course.

As a result of their campaign, they are consistently ranking in the top 5 of Google for “LSI Keywords”. That’s good because “LSI Keywords” is highly relevant to SEOPressor; they want traffic for it. Now they are getting good “LSI Keywords” traffic and from their visitors, they have gotten a number of conversions.

If you want this kind of results, you may want to check out RankReveal yet, which launched earlier this week. watch the demo video and see for yourself what it can do.

RankReveal is the first tool ever built to locates and analyze all the keywords your site ranks for. It comes from a “big data” project Daniel Tan conducted, and it is finally ready to use.

In summary, RankReveal builds a Ranking Graph for your website’s URL. The Ranking Graph grows over time. It is not a hit-and-run, one-and-done tool. It keeps growing and finds more and more ranking keywords for you. Over time, you will find yourself ranking on many keywords you did not even know existed.

So, for example, if you are doing SEO for clients, the graph will help you uncover new profitable clusters of keywords for them, so you can sell them more services in many areas.

If you are doing content marketing, on the other hand, RankReveal will help you strategize your content marketing better, as Tan did with SEOPressor.

All of these undiscovered ranking keywords are the unpolished gems for your ranking and, ultimately, for your success. Let RankReveal reveal them to you, so you can polish these gems.

You can develop solid SEO strategies based on the results you get. See the details and get your copy here: RankReveal.

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