Daniel Tan, the creator of SEOPressor, just launched the world’s first ‘reverse rank tracking’ tool. Tan says that his new RankReveal tracked over 300,000 keywords for his customers within the first 24 hours of its launch.
Tan has created a video to exlain what reverse rank tracking is and how this new tools does it. You can see the demo here. RankReveal Demo Video
It’s important to understand what keywords your sites are actually ranking for.That’s what RankReveal does for you. That’s unusual; most tools tell you how you rank for keywords you already know and inquire about.

This tool shows you all keywords that are you are ranking for on Google, even the ones that you haven’t thought to ask about. And it daily updates the ranking keywords so you won’t be misled by out of date information.

Now, you can discover new ranking keywords and tweak your site to take advantage of this new information. without those hidden keywords that RankReveal shows you, you would need to keep experimenting with conventional tools just to rank on the first page of Google, probably for only a few keywords.

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first big break or an experienced marketer with years of experience, this brand new tool has unique features that will help you in building the reputation of your site.

RankReveal can show you all the keywords that your sites are currently ranking for.

Watch the demo video now. The software will be available today. here: RankReveal.

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