The important thing about marketing messages, however well crafted, is that they need to be presented to people who have a need and a desire for what you are selling. Otherwise the effort (and expense) is wasted.

New software, called Social Lead Chief 2.0, helps you find Facebook members who are looking for what you are selling, so that your sales message can be presented to them.

It finds these people by inserting quizzes, surveys and polls in the Facebook newsfeed.

In a nutshell, here is what it can do for you:
■ Run Viral quizzes in people’s Newsfeed.
■ Use the lead capture form for any Autoresponder to capture leads from the Facebook Newsfeed
■ Lower your Ad budget significantly, and increase the ROI on what you do spend
■ Based on a visitor’s quiz answers, direct people to your offer that meets the needs of that person
■ Improve people’s engagement with your posts
■ Get lots of sharing for your content to increase your traffic
■ Accepts responses from visitors on both mobile and tablets, as well as computers, so you don’t miss getting mobile leads
■ Customizable quiz options let you build the quiz your way.

Getting people’s attention is the first step to selling them something. The quizzes, polls and surveys you build can engage people and keep them thinking about their problem and looking for a solution (that you will be happy to provide.)

While the grand opening sale is still underway, get it here: Social Lead Chief 2.0.

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