There’s a recent marketing concept called bridge marketing. The idea is that you build a bridge leading the customer from their current problem situation to the product that can solve the problem they face.

It’s a bit of educational activity, You are “priming the pump” so that the customer understands why they need a solution and what a solution should look like, so that when you show them the product you recommend, they see that it is the solution they have been looking for.

Today, there’s a new tool being released by Devin Zander and Stefan van der Vlag, called Social Lead Chief 2.0. Zander and van der Vlog are giving some major value in the days towards the launch, starting today!

As an interest builder for their new product they are sharing training on why bridge marketing is so important, and how it will help you increase your business.

They are also giving you a WordPress plugin for free called Social Optin Pro. Again, this is to build excitement for the launch today.

This is only for early birds, so click here right now and pick it up before they take it down: Social Lead Chief 2.0.

Start by watching the 10 minute video explaining bridge marketing. There’s also a brief overview of what you can do with the plugin and how to set it up that you can watch when you get the plugin.

The presale bridge has been proven to boost conversions and sales. Just sending your traffic to the offer page, unprepared for what they will find there, won’t be nearly as effective as if you built a bridge.

Just get your FREE WordPress plugin here: Social Lead Chief 2.0.

Social Lead Chief 2.0 is Facebook software that allows you to put surveys right into the Facebook Newsfeed.

The software gives you the ability to capture as leads, your Facebook fans or anyone who takes your quiz as leads which you can redirect to affiliate offers of your choosing or promote to as a new subscriber of yours.

By the way, do try to catch the early-bird bonus before it goes away. If you decide to buy from that page, you will also get an early bird discount and additional bonuses that IM NewsWatch has arranged. They all extend that value of Social Lead Chief 2.0 by providing additional social capabilities to use alongside your main purchase.

This new software lets you build powerful Facebook marketing campaigns. Get it here: Social Lead Chief 2.0.

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