The Dark Post Profits team sent us a note saying they encourage you to get a “free” copy of Dark Post Profits.

Here’s what they are thinking. When you go through Dark Post Profits and soak up its wisdom, you are going to love it, because it improves the success of your Facebook ads, many times over.

If you do find it helpful, tell your friends as a “member affiliate”. When one buys, you get paid 50%, as a commission.

So just 2 referrals and you have paid for your own copy, making it essentially “free”.

The entire process is outlined in Section 10 of Dark Post Profits on affiliate marketing.

This section of the training also has 5 bonus modules that show you how to become an affiliate, and then show you the best methods to use when you promote Dark Post Profits or any other product as an affiliate.

There’s a simple 3 step process to get this deal:
1. Buy Dark Post Profits 2.0.
2. Join the Member Referral Program
3. Refer 2 Paying Members

That’s all there is to it.

Dark Post Profits 2.0 teaches you how to sell things on Facebook. Starting with selling this training is a natural step; you have experience with it and can talk sincerely about it.

Did you know that almost all top marketers get products and courses for free, in this way?

It’s because they leverage the member referral programs and other affiliate programs.

When you invest in Dark Post Profits today, skip straight to Section 10 of the training, where you’ll find a recipe for using your new marketing knowledge to do affiliate marketing.

It makes sense to them to offer this 50% commission, since this way, they avoid the hight advertising costs.

Dark Post Profits has 5 bonus videos that show you exactly how to do your marketing.

Remember the basic thrust of this course is an innovative way to use Facebook for advertising, placing ads in the news feed, not in the typical right column, where most ads go. And, this is version 2.0. It has many refinements and improvements from the original.

At Midnight tonight, the price goes up. There’s no point in delaying. Get it here before the price rises about 67%: Dark Post Profits.

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