Webinar Fusion Pro was released yesterday, and for the first 24 hours, there is a discount price. In a few hours, at 11 AM EDT, the price will be going up.

And the initial discount is considerable: an 85% discount for acting before 11 AM.

There’s nothing comparable to Webinar Fusion Pro in the market today. Google Hangouts were not designed to support all that goes on with a webinar (registration, product sales, thank you pages, etc.) But Hangouts do offer basic presentation support, and Hangouts are free.

With this new software, you can make the most of Google Hangouts. Use them to drive significant traffic from the search engines, for example. The missing pieces in Hangouts have been supplied by this new software.

Webinar Fusion Pro helps you manage all the technical hurdles for using Hangouts for webinars. It also helps you build massive subscribers list from those Hangouts.

You will find reviews from all the happy customers here: Webinar Fusion Pro

But the price is rising. By getting this software now, you will save big over the regular price.

The price won’t jump to the regular price all in one leap. But in just a few hours from now, the price will go up by 25%, and after that, it will rise until it returns to its normal price.

This is ground-breaking technology is that simple to use.
And it’s so easy to start using it:
• You don’t have to download anything.
• No need to mess with installing any script.
• You don’t even need a website or web server.
• No monthly fees. Ever.

Webinar Fusion Pro will allow you to take advantage of:
■ 40-100% Increase in Conversions (compared to traditional sales pages)
■ User Engagement that is much higher than any other Marketing Method
■ Super High Conversions for High Ticket Offers
■ Easy Enhancements of Your Customers’ Value to your business
■ The Best Way to Build Trust & Reputation with Your Prospect

Webinars can improve just about any business. This new tool makes webinars easy and more productive. Get your copy here: Webinar Fusion Pro.

Remember, this special discount won’t last much longer. The price will go up at 11 AM. Get it now: Webinar Fusion Pro.

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