Dark Post Profits 2.0 is on sale for 2 more days. Friday, the price will go up by $200. Use its software and its training to become a master at using the Facebook news feed to drive more leads, more traffic, and more sales for your business or a client business.

The software in Dark Post Profits lets you connect to your Facebook account and work with all of your Facebook pages into one easy dashboard. Using this dashboard, you can easily view all the statistics about your pages. You can also manage the recent activity.

You can also use Dark Post Profits to manage all the comments on all your posts in your dashboard. This way, you can quickly see the results for all your ads. Not only that, with the click of a mouse you can manage everything.

One of the best components included with Dark Post Profits is the database of sample dark posts. There are over 10,000 Facebook newsfeed ads in the database that you can search, using any keyword you select. You can pull up all the ads for the keyword you select and view the ad design, the ad copy, and even click through to see their sales funnel.

This way, you can reverse engineer the most successful ads so you can discover what makes them work. Then you can create your own profitable campaigns using the same principles.

The price is going up by Midnight Friday, if not sooner, so check it out now, here: Dark Post Profits.

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