Solo ads, in which a mailing list owner sends your ad to the list, can be an expensive waste of money if you use them wrong. But, as Paul Nicholls points out, they can give you a major return of investment if used correctly.

Nicholls has a long history of building his business by carefully buying solo ads and seeing an ROI of 50% to 200% or more in the first day. A lot of the time those customers go on to purchase more products from him and some go on to invest in training or coaching or join his membership site so his long term profit from these customers can be much more.

What are the important considerations when buying solo ads?
1. Who has the best mailing list for my ad?
2. What will the ad cost?
3. What should I say in the ad?
4. What should the web page say, when my ad sends people there?
5. How do I know which ads are working best?
6. What do I do once I have collected contacts with solo ads?
All these question are answered in Nicholls’s new training, Solo Ad Professor, In fact, he breaks down these topics into sub-topics, such as:
• How to almost guarantee that you only buy top quality solo ads that will send you buying traffic
• Why a high opt in rate could be damaging your solo ad results
• The strategy Nicholls has been using for 2 years that increases his OTO sales as much as 25%
• The single most important indicator you need to focus on with every solo ad you buy. Forget this and you will lose your way.
• The best types of offers to sell as your OTO to make the maximum return on your investment in your solo ad
• How to actually set up brand new solo ad campaigns in just 3 minutes
• The best type of swipe to use, how to create it; why you should always use one with your solo ad campaigns
• The crucial tactic you must use on both your squeeze page and sale page to increase your OTO conversions.
• The critical time frame you should focus on to “make the sale” once they have opted in to your list
• The free “super tool” you can use to track the profitability of your solo ads.
• The sales funnels you need to know and use when using solo ads
• The small change Nicholls made that increased his profits by 20%
• The great “out of the box” way to create your squeeze page
• A behind the scenes look at my solo ad squeeze page and sales page so you can see what a high converting funnel looks like
• And lots more.

It’s remarkable the Nicholls has packed all this information into a single training. It’s even more remarkable how low the price is (although it’s rising.) You won’t believe it. Get it here:  Solo Ad Professor.

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