Baer says, “Recently Google and Twitter announced that you will now be able to get tweets inside Google search results again.

That used to be case until 2011, and then their previous relationship lapsed. So for the last four years or so you cannot find tweets inside Google search results, at least not in real time. But that is changing, and it’s mutually beneficial.1

Google is Self-Aware in a Way Few Tech Titans Have Been

Google understands that the world that they have dominated for a long time is becoming extinct.

The same way that dinosaurs used to dominate, the webpage is no longer the key unit of how information is found and consumed.1 (highlight to tweet – it’s fun!) When you’re looking for something that isn’t necessarily particularly timely, yeah, you’ll look in Google. But if you really want to know what’s happening right now, you’re not going to Google. You’re going to Twitter, and Google is all too aware of it, which is why they need Twitter results in the Google search database”.

Who Wins in the New Partnership of Twitter and Google

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