Ross Carrel has been busy investigating improvements in marketing through social media.

He has come up with software called Social Post Pilot that can save you a lot of time and effort in your social media promotion of your products or services.

1. It can build fan pages on Facebook on autopilot, for example.

2. It can search for YouTube videos, based on your keywords, drip feed them to your site and then share the on social platforms.

3. It can find images from the web that you can use on your site. It can automatically post them on a schedule you control.

4. It can find products on Amazon, based on your keywords, and then promote them on your site at the times you specify.

This is only the beginning; it is a “toolbox” for all your social media marketing. Its tools will help you every day.

In fact, the Facebook support in Social Post Pilot is so powerful and so central to the tool’s purpose that Carrel promises “Complete Niche Fan Page Automation”.

There’s no doubt that, when used correctly, social media can boost sales, opt-ins or whatever else you are seeking. This software can put you many steps ahead of your competitors when you put it to work. Get your copy here, during the launch sale, at a reduced price: Social Post Pilot.

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