Amy Schatz says, “Activists on both sides of the nasty political fight over new rules for Internet lines suited up for one last skirmish Wednesday as Federal Communications Commission officials made final tweaks to a plan expected to be approved Thursday.

Irritated House Republicans held the latest in a series of hearings Wednesday morning to complain about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal, which would re-regulate Internet lines under rules written for phone networks to give the FCC clear authority to be an Internet traffic cop.

A separate hearing — on whether the White House inappropriately influenced the plan — was shelved Wednesday morning after Wheeler refused to attend because he was busy overseeing last-minute negotiations.

The hearing followed an oft-used script. Republicans expressed disgust at the FCC’s proposal (the FCC vote Thursday “does not signal the end of this debate — it is just the beginning,” warned Republican House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan). Democrats defended their FCC counterparts (House members have “too much important work to do to have the same hearings over and over again,” said Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey). Three witnesses blasted the proposed rules. One witness defended them”.

Net Neutrality: The Final Arguments (Finally)


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