A couple of days ago, Christopher Griffin, Edward Hopkins and Brad Dixon announced Ultimate Closing Machine . It runs webinars automatically for you, and using the vast power of sales webinars, it closes sales for you. They want to show you how it works.

Whatever you’re selling, from automobiles to xylophones, webinars will help you to sell more of them.

This webinar management system makes recorded webinars work nearly as well as live ones, so you can do the webinar once and automatically repeat it over and over.

• No longer will you be concerned about stage fright. Unless you want to do your webinar live, you don’t need to, although you can create real live webinars, too.
• This system is simple to learn and simple to use.
• It’s loaded with features to make the system work the way you want it to.
• You can create an unlimited number of recorded webinars for any niche and any product/service. Your viewers can hardly tell the from live.
• This new webinar system is priced $100s less than its competitors, especially during launch week.

Ultimate Closing Machine is priced quite reasonably right now during the grand opening/ launch promotion.

The launch price will not last; it will go up soon.

This new software gives you the ability to create cash producing webinars on auto-pilot/ And the price is within the reach of any marketer. As a result, it’s selling well.

In this competitive environment, sales pages, even sales videos may not be enough to convince customers to invest in your product or service. A webinar may push them that extra distance to get them to invest.

The inventors are letting you use the admin interface of Ultimate Closing Machine to see how easy and flexible it is. Go to : Demo site for Ultimate Closing Machine and log in, using “admin” as both the userid and password. Try any of its tools to see what it can do for you.

with this new solution, you can avoid the major hassles of manually running webinars:
* No deep pockets are required to buy a webinar platform and no monthly fees, either.
* No massive learning curve required to run and operate this new system. Anyone can use it.
* No need to speak live in front of an audience; record an play back.
* No hassles with technical issues and internet problems that often interrupt live webinars
* No lengthy planning, no complex audience management, no scrambling to address live questions while speaking.

If you want to use webinars in your marketing, this software can make it a lot easier. Find out more here

After you have experimented with the administrative back office interface, find out about all the tools and features built into this system. Then, get your copy:  Ultimate Closing Machine .

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