Amy Schatz says, “Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler officially proposed tough new rules for Internet lines Wednesday, regulations he said would prohibit wired and wireless broadband providers from “paid prioritization and the blocking and throttling of lawful content and services.”

The long-awaited proposal represents an about-face for Wheeler. He had previously proposed weaker rules, which were widely panned by net neutrality advocates, Internet companies and Democratic politicians — including President Obama — who wanted the agency to take more definitive action so it could act as an Internet traffic cop.

Broadly, Wheeler has proposed regulating Internet service under rules (Title II of the Communications Act) that were written for the old copper-line phone network. The FCC deregulated Internet lines in 2003, saying that they should be regulated more lightly as an “information service,” but Wheeler is basically advocating reversing that decision”.

FCC Chairman Unveils Tough New Net Neutrality Rules


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