Podcasting is a growing marketing technique. The marketer provides useful information to an audience interested in the topic of the podcast series.

As a result, the marketer develops a reputation for expertise in the subject and a growing audience is the natural result.

You may be familiar with Rachel Rofe She has been mentioned in IM NewsWatch over the past few years. Recently, she started a podcast that now gets 1500 – 4000 people to tune in or download for later for every episode.

Rofe has just released a new course on how to create a successful podcast series.Podcast Prodigy.

In this new training she shows you in detail what she does to get her results. To make sure you can apply what she shares, she includes templates, checklists, and scripts, all ready for you to put to work.

She divides her training into 6 steps:
Step 1: Set the Stage for Inevitable Success Many have tried podcasting and failed. She wants you to do the planning needed for success.
Step 2: How to create compelling Content for your podcasts You aren’t on your own; plenty of people want to be interviewed, for example.
Step 3: How to upload your podcasts to the hosting site Host on places like iTunes and Stitcher
Step 4: Creating perfect promotional posts for your podcasts What to include to attract regular followers
Step 5: Marketing your podcasts through iTunes and other free sites, including 25 ways to get podcast reviews for greater exposure
Step 6: How to Scale Up your podcasting for more effectiveness Get more market input so you can tailor your podcasts to real interests

Podcasts can give you a “voice” in your niche that will help you grow your business. Rofe gives you a good foundation (with lots of extras) for one low price within everyone’s reach (although she says she may raise the price soon.)

Get the whole story of her new training, and get your own copy while the price is low, here: Podcast Prodigy.

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