Christopher Ratcliff says, “In which we take a selection of the most popular gifts this Christmas and see how some of the top UK retailers’ site search handles them.

When I begin typing ‘Frozen Snow Glow Elsa’ into Amazon’s search box, will the item immediately appear at the top of the predictive text suggestions? When I search for ‘Nerf’ at John Lewis will the first product listing be its most popular model ‘The Demolisher’. Will Toys R Us direct me to the correct ‘Transformers Grimlock’ toy?

First though, let’s take a look at the UK’s top 12 toys for Christmas 2014, according to theToys Retailers Association.

For some of you this may be just a random collection of barely recognisable words, to others these are products haunting your every waking moment”.

How retailers handle site search for the most popular Christmas gifts

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