A new drag & drop SEO traffic automation app is being released by Precious Ngwu. He calls it Authority Engage.

This new WordPress plugin uses advanced SEO strategies to convert any regular WP site into a site that is highly visible and well supplied with traffic.

This plugin is a traffic generator, and it may change the way you rank your sites and bring in traffic to them in the coming year.

For example, a local business owner is already using the software to bring in up to 20 potential new clients daily to his website.

Other beta testers are generating over 200 free targeted visitors daily when they install this smart SEO plugin on their site.

Ngwu says that this plugin can turn any website into an Authority Site “overnight”.

Authority Engage can discover lots of high PR backlink possibilities for you. All you do is give it the keyword you want to rank for. It searches for sites ranking for that keyword, and assists you in placing links on those sites and linking to those sites in your posts.

It also looks for YouTube videos for your keyword and lets you embed them in your posts, which adds interest to your site and further links your site to authority sites.

And another thing; Authority Engage also has a dynamic interlocking technology that allows you to semi-automatically (human oversight is critical in this) and smartly interlink your posts for optimal ranking juice.

Get ready to lock in your access to Authority Engage when it launches tomorrow, Thursday December 4 @11am EST.

But Ngwu has agreed to give IM NewsWatch readers early bird access. Go here now (don’t wait till 11 AM) to learn more, get some free bonuses and lock in your Early Bird Aaccess (starts at 10 AM).: Authority Engage.

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