Backlinks are staples of the SEO process. It’s not the only thing, but it is central.

Joshua Zamora says that building PR 6 backlinks can be worthless, if you don’t make sure that Google knows these backlinks are there.

He talks about it in more detail here: Link Indexr Introduction.


Because of this (often overlooked) need to index the backlinks (that is, get them into Google’s database) building more and more high-authority links fails to do you any good, and you may never reach page 1 of Google.

Now, with Link Indexr, available at 11 AM EST today, you can make sure every link counts because they are all indexed.

This software not only makes sure your links get indexed, but it also boosts the authority of those pages linking to you so they pass more “juice” to your money sites.

Link Indexr builds links to your links from:
• High-quality Web 2.0 sites
• High-quality blog sites
• High-quality wiki sites
• High-quality social bookmarks
• And a lot more

To give your links the most value, Link Indexr also pings these linking pages to over 300 servers, builds RSS feeds, and even creates Sitemaps and gets them submitted.

Because of all the work it does for you, you get higher rankings faster and you get more traffic, and ultimately, your revenue grows. And all of this happens with no more tedious manual link building.

Usually, this service costs $27/month, but for a few days, Zamora is temporarily eliminating the
$27/month fee and is offering lifetime access for a nominal one-time payment.

Get instant access here: Link Indexr.

Remember, this lifetime special offer is only going to be offered for a few days. Once the clock runs out, the investment will return to the original $27/month subscription. So make sure you act quickly here:Link Indexr.

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