Richard FairBairn has been buying expired domains (that is, the owner decided to not renew the registration) and making a good living with them.

Not just any domains will do; most expired domains are junk and will be hard to profit from. But Fairbairn finds high page rank domains (the ones Google thinks highly of) and as soon as they become available, he pounces on them.

Then he has a choice: either market them to domain buyers so he can sell them for a profit, or build a new site that takes advantage of the reputation these sites have earned.

Either way can be profitable, although Fairbairn often prefers to flip the domain immediately for a nice profit, somtimes as much as $1000. (It’s just an example he gives; he isn’t saying that it’s typical.)

Fairbairn has released time-saving software that finds high-PR expired domains and grabs them as soon as they become available. He calls it Instant Domain Sniper Ultimate.

This is desktop software that:
• Is Universally Compatible because it is made in Adobe Air, so it works on both PC and Mac
• Is Totally Comprehensive: It searches over 10,000,000 Domains with Just 1 Click
• Searches quickly: It searches the Entire Database for High PR, Aged Domains in less than 5 Seconds.
• Provides Speedy Site Capture: It pounces the second the domain becomes available.

High PR domain can give your business a head start against the competition. Get all the details of this new software here: Instant Domain Sniper Ultimate.

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