It’s no secret that email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available. That’s because, you can use it to send people to all the other tools; to a video, to your blog, to a demo site, etc.

And it can be more powerful if you are smart about how you use it.

For email to have more than theoretical value for you, you need to build an email list to send

So, when you get visitors to your site, make sure they optin to your list.

How do you make sure they do?

But suppose you ’make an offer they can’t refuse’. And make that offer every time they come to your site, until they actually accept it. Wouldn’t that be a lot more successful than a plain optin form?

That’s exactly what Optin Gate, new software from Marius Price & Alex Costan, does.

Using this new software, you can show your visitors your offer in 3 different ways:
1. When they land on your optin page
2. When they visit your site
3. When they exit your site.

You get three chances to persuade them to get your offer and opt into your list

Optin Gate has such unique, professional designs, that people will be attracted to them.

it includes a drag & drop live builder that lets you completely customize your optins in a snap.

Even better it includes a built in split testing tool, you can test multiple designs to find the best design

Get it here before they raise the price: Optin Gate.

By the way, you can even grab phone numbers so you can do SMS marketing to them. And that’s probably a good idea. Emails may not be read but when was the last time you didn’t read an a text message?

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