Maybe you have heard the Papa John’s Pizza ad that says “Better ingredients make better pizza.” Well, in the internet marketing world, we have a similar slogan” Better backlinks make better ranking.”

Dan Tierney, known of the Warrior Forum as Daddyoh has just released a new product that offers top-quality backlinks, so you will get top-quality search engine rankings. He calls it Authority Backlinks Bonanza

PR rankings are similar to the Richter scale for earthquakes, a backlink from a PR8 site isn’t just 8 times as valuable as a backlink from a PR 1 site; it’s many times more valuable than that.

That’s why Tierney is sharing his technique for getting backlinks from a PR 8 site in his new training. One link is as valuable as dozens of links from low-PR sites.

Automated backlinking and mass link buying no longer work for building your perceived authority. The only hope of successful backlinking activity is to build your own backlinks by hand, carefully, slowly (especially, if your site is new). Build good links on high-quality, high PR, high Domain Authority sites.

Tierney has located a powerful authority site where you can post your own content, content that’s useful for this PR 8 site’s visitors while also being relevant to the site you want to promote. On this site, you can insert your own “Do Follow” links to your own site. Now, that’s a worthwhile backlink, especially if you choose your anchor text carefully.

The nice thing is that this technique will cost you nothing to implement. And this report from Tierney gives you everything you need to know to take advantage of this opportunity.

Many people pay hundreds of dollars for SEO experts to raise them rank of their site. You can do it for just the small price of this report.

Get your own copy here: Authority Backlinks Bonanza.

By the way, this site isn’t hard to use, but just in case, Tierney has included links to tutorials on everything related to the site. And for the newest of beginners (you know who you are), he includes two bonuses, There are 2 links to 2 downloadable beginner’s “Getting Started” PDFs, with lots of screenshots. They are “Step-by-Step guides. Everything you need to get going with this site is in these two reports.

So get started boosting your site’s rank here: Authority Backlinks Bonanza.

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