Alex Cass and Alex Becker have just launched their new training that they say has earned them and a couple of their partners $300,000 (in aggregate) in a single month.

They use SEO to rank sites, many sites, over and over, using the same process each time. Client sites, affiliate sites and sites for their own products.

This process works for any site, they report. And with their step-by-step, repeatable process anyone can do it.

In Source Phoenix, even if you are a brand-new beginner, who can hardly spell SEO, they are offering to show you how to make $7 figures a year, if you put your mind to it and follow their plan. The usual disclaimers apply, of course. They don’t promise success because they don’t have control of your business, your attitude, your work ethic, etc.

They and their partners who helped create this course are all successful practitioners of SEO who make over $1,000,000 per year. In this training, they show you the techniques they used to:
• Grow their income to over $200K (and it’s recurring) in just 2 months
• Ern $5,000 monthly in just 24 hours
• Grow a site to earn $100K/month

Becker has created a video that explains their success and how they are going to train you to follow in their foot steps.

The strategies he discusses have been the key to building their full-time businesses for multiple beginners.

They are only holding this sale open for 6 days. So you need to look into it right away.

The investment required is substantial; they know that. So they offer a 2-payment plan to make it easier to pay; maybe you pay the second two payments out of your earnings.

Check out Becker’s video here and then get your own copy: Source Phoenix.

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