Jason Parker and Charles Kirkland have just released a master list of proven subject lines that have worked for them, called Big Click Subject Lines Master List.

Now, you can copy these powerful email subject lines (which are essentially headlines for your eamil) to use in your own marketing.

They don’t want you to waste time testing subject lines that have already tried. Take advantage of their years of experimentation and use subject lines that are proven to work.

Just modify them by plugging in your product name, your promised benefit, etc. to fit your situation.

And they go one step farther. They explain how they came up with these ideas so you can use their strategy to write your own subject lines/ headlines in the same way they do to get even more winning subject lines.

And they include a bonus that will help you write full-length e-mails designed to get the click.

These two successful marketers are sharing some of the tools that got them to where they are. And the price is only about $7 (but it’s rising.)

And they promise to shut it down on Sunday to avoid having their subject lines overused and thus losing their power.

So don’t wait; get your copy here: Big Click Subject Lines Master List.

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