John Pearce has released a report on the problems that can come from SEO. IM NewsWatch has obtained a copy, ad with Pearce’s approval, we have posted it (at no charge) so you can discover things to watch out for (and if you have already gone to far, he gives you suggestions for overcoming the penalty Google assessed.)

Overcoming a Google penalty can be a tricky business. 95% of sites that have been search engine optimized are in “the penalty box” and will never get out; that is, they will never rank well again. The report explains the kinds of penalties, the way you may be hit with each, and what the consequences are. It also gives you basic steps to get a penalty lifted.

This report will sensitize you to the perils of SEO, and you will never think the same again. Download it here

If you have a problem recovering from a Google penalty, Pearce has a solution for you. He has just released SEO Recovery, that shows you effective steps to take to recover from penalties, whether they are the result of your own mistakes or the result of negative SEO by someone with a grudge against you.

The biggest mistake you may ever make is thinking “this doesn’t apply to me.” But you could be wrong, especially if your website is not ranking well, despite your many attempts to improve. If that describes you, then almost certainly, you have been penalized.

SEO Recovery is an intensive, comprehensive course on detecting Google penalties and overcoming them.

Negative SEO is becoming a major problem for marketers. Anybody’s site can be penalized with a simple malicious campaign with less than an hour’s work. Do you know how to defeat such an attack? You will after using Pearce’s techniques.

If your website has fallen and it can’t get up, Pearce may give you the boost you need.

If you are concerned by Negative SEO, take a look at Pearce’s Professional version. If not, check out his intermediate Multi-site version. A few people (not many, though) may get by with his Standard version.

If you already know the details of Google’s penalty strategy, you can skip the free report and go straight to the solution here: SEO Recovery.

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