There are many people who have web sites in your niche. The smart ones have mailing lists of people interested in their site, and many times those people have already bought something from their site.

To build your own mailing list, a typical technique is to make a deal with one of these site owners to send your add as a “solo” (that is, by itself, without any other content) to their subscribers.

This has the potential to grow your own list significantly. But it also can be a big money-waster if you don’t do it wisely.

Paul Nicholls has been experimenting with solo ads for a long time, now, and he has developed principles to successfully using solo ads, based on his own research. He is now offering to show you what the best practices are in his new Solo Ad Professor training.

With his help, you can avoid wasting time and money on solo ads that don’t work. He has made all the mistakes for you, so you don’t have to make them for yourself.

In Solo Ad Professor, you will discover insights from Nicholls’s own solo ad testing, such as:
• How to actually set up brand new solo ad campaigns in just 3 minutes
• Why a high opt in rate could be damaging your solo ad results
• The best types of offers to sell as your OTO to earn the maximum profit from your solo
• How to almost guarantee that you only buy top quality solo ads, ones that will result in sales
• The 1 Free “super tool” Nicholls uses to track the profitability of all my solo ads.
• The strategy he has been using for over 2 years that increases his OTO sales as much as 25%
• The 1 statistic you need to focus on with every solo ad
• An analysis of Nicholls’s own solo ad squeeze page and sales page; see what a high converting funnel looks like
• And lots more…

If you have been considering solo ads for your business, Nicholls has a guide that will help keep you from wasting money on ads that don’t work.

Get your copy of this low-cost guide here: Solo Ad Professor.

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