Henry Zeng just released software that makes it easy to set up a membership site on WordPress; his Free WordPress Membership Plugin.

With this plugin, you can:
• Sell Subscription Services for ongoing payments, monthly, weekly or even yearly
• Create WordPress Pages that allow Members to view their Purchase History, Modify Profiles, etc.
• Sell Digital Products from your site
• Easily Organize your Membership Site structure using the WordPress menu
• Drip-Feed Content to deliver a Series of Items over time
• Setup One-Time Offers with Multiple Membership Levels and Upgrades
• Offer a Trial Period for your Products, e.g., $1 for 7 Days
• Limit Access to certain Pages, Posts, Categories and Files
• Automatically Generate Pages for your Membership Area
• Configure and Customize Welcome Emails
• Integrate with Amazon S3 Cloud and Protect Content
• Mix Teaser Content with Paid Partial Content in your Posts.

This is a powerful tool for building a membership site that can potentially bring you income for life. It’s hard to believe Zeng is giving it away for nothing.

But he is.

This deal is too good to pass up. Get it here: Free WordPress Membership Plugin.

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